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Stabilizing is the foundation for good embroidery...
Lay a proper foundation!

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How to Make Profit with Patches
By Fred Lebow
From September Issue of Printwear

Embroidery Stabilizers... Go Green
By Fred Lebow, Contributing Writer

Choosing The Right Stabilizer For Embroidery on Performance Wear
By Fred Lebow

How to Get More Customers
By Fred Lebow

The Evolution of Stabilizers
A look at how today’s embroidery stabilizers evolved from interlining used by the sewing industry.
By Fred Lebow

All you ever wanted to know about embroidery stabilizers (backings)...
but were sew afraid to ask!

By Fred Lebow

How To Take The Headache Out Of Cap Embroidery
By Bunny Eisele

How To Sew Patches & Emblems
Jimmy Lamb

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Industry Terms - Glossary

Wet Laid Non Woven

Much like a high quality paper, fiber is dispersed in a solution. A screen rises and the solution dries (alluvial formation) yielding a multi directional and uniform nonwoven. These are made in different weights. The idea being to always use only ONE layer.

Random Saturate

Also Called Chemical Bond - The same solution as with Carded Saturates - Only dispersed randomly. Note the uneven quality, holes in saturate (thick and thin spots)

Carded Saturate

Also called chemical bond - the fibers are raked or combed (carded) in one direction (m.d.) The fibers are then impregnated with a binder. It stretches in one direction & tears in one direction. You will need 2 pieces cross wise to achieve proper tension for embroidery.

Diagonal "no show" Nylon Mesh (aka Poly Mesh)

Nylon mesh stabilizer with a diagonal and embossing pattern.

Stabilizing is the foundation for good embroidery. Lay a proper foundation!
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